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        At 3ayezAnga7 we know the students’ needs because it is by student for students. 3ayezAnga7 provides two main functionalities that any student can’t live without. First, it allows you to exchange class notes with friends. You can upload your class notes and share them with your friends through Facebook or Twitter or any social network. You can also search for notes and download notes. Class notes can be anything: past exams, assignments, study guides, exam reviews, etc. Second, it allows you to rate your professors, and view the ratings of professor. For example, imagine you are taking a course next semester and you want to know “eh nezam el doctor”; you will go to 3ayezAnga7, go to ratings, search for the professor, and see what your colleagues have said about him. Is he an easy grader? Is it an easy “A” with him? How hard are his assignments, exams, and projects? How well does he explain concepts? And what about the attendance, is it optional or mandatory?


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